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Practical and simple to use, CAMURRI BRAUER mod. CB.100 (Camurri’s Patent) is built completely in Stainless Steel 18/10, it allows to prepare an excellent hand-crafted beer, using natural products and creating any kind of recipes. Ideal for agrofood-transformation through hot-extraction of liquid products. The Camurri’s Patent System allows to have a better sugar extraction compared to other systems, preparing in one unique machine the different wort’s phases from mashing to brewing.
The CAMURRI BRAUER is equipped with:
- a PLC programmer that controls, regulates and automatically schedules process times and temperatures according to your recipe; completed with a BT Interface that lets you program the unit from your Android Tablet or Smartphone.
- a Mixer with gear-motor that blends mixtures correctly, enhanced the organoleptic qualities of the products ensuring the maximum extraction;
- Heating elements for the healting and maintaining of the product during the various steps in the process;
- a practical Double-Mesh Filter made entirely of Stainless Steel 18/10;
Easy to use, clear and maintenance.

To support the CAMURRI BRAUER mod. CB.100 we can provide a wide range of accessories including BT Interface, that programs by your Android Tablet or Smartphone the machine, hops filters, hop back, fermentation tanks in Stainless Steel 18/10, heat exchanging plates, cooling spiral in Stainless Steel 18/10, that enable you to produce your own hand-crafted beers!
Furthermore, there are available table, supports and corner in Stainless Steel 18/10.
Indispensable for micro-breweries, home brewers, pubs, farm restaurants, training centres and for any business that wishes to promote hand-crafted beer.
Made entirely in Stainless Steel 18/10.
Programming of recipes with time and temperature regulated by a PLC (Programmable Logistic Controller).
Equipped with practical antidrip faucets, dome cover and a drain to facilitate cleaning operations
Doesn’t need a fixed loading/unloading.

Code Model Version Maximum Power Absorbed Power Supply Voltage Dimensions (L x P x H) Net weight
E010CB100 CB.100 Aisi 304 4,4 kW 400V 3N ~ 580 x 595 x 1210 mm 32 Kg

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